Collection of Your Personal Information & Use of Your Personal Information

We collect the minimal necessary information from you.

And this information is used ONLY for three purposes:
1, Issuing the License for our product/services;
2, Keep you informed by latest product/service updates;
3, Generating statistics information for our product/services.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Your information will NOT be disclosed to other purposes or third party organizations.

Accurancy and Updates of Your Personal Information

You are responsible to provide the correct information and keep it updated.
Please Note that we will not check the validation or correctness of your provided information. If you provide fake or outdated information and cannot receive our license or product updates, and/or encounter any direct or indirect damages to your business or our business, you must take 100% responsibility for that.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Changes to this Privacy Statement with the most recent revision date will be posted at We will take the steps to notify you of the material changes to this Privacy Statement by posting the changes here or contacting you by e-mail.